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It’s 3AM on a dark, stormy night. You can hear the wind whistling as you type the last period of your manuscript. The struggle of coercing your story onto paper is finally complete, but the work is far from over. It’s time to start the arduous and daunting task of correcting your text.

Do not despair! Your trusted accomplice is here to discreetly dispose of any mistakes and erase their presence from existence. No one will know they were ever there to begin with.

I am dedicated to comb through your text night and/or day for long hours on end to battle and expose the errors that would distract from your message, while, of course, preserving your voice. Whether it is for a suspense or romance novel, a scientific document, or work-related instructions, do not hesitate to message me so we can discuss your needs and see how I can assist you.

My Services

When going over our own text, we tend to read what was intended rather than what is actually on the page. This is especially true after long hours of rewriting and rereading the same content or when writing passionately. That’s why having a fresh pair of eyes revise your text ensures no embarrassing mistakes⁠—typos, missing words, wrong verb tenses, inconsistencies, etc.⁠—slip by and that errors won't distract the reader from the true purpose of the words.

I can edit in American English, Canadian English, and I’ve worked on some texts in British English. As a passionate of languages, I can edit most foreign words and sentences as well. I’m fluent in English, French, and Romanian, have level A1 German and Spanish, and I’m constantly learning new ones. I'm also excellent as spotting inconsistencies.

I like to mold my work to your preferences, and I am very flexible with my work and hours. I offer a free sample edit for new clients so we can determine if we are a good fit.

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A proofreading of your text happens once your manuscript has already been edited thoroughly. It is essential to pick up the last tiny details that may have slipped by everyone who stared at the same words for too long (or read the same story too often). It mostly looks at the layout, general grammar, punctuation, missing words, typos, repeated text, etc.

Ideally, a proofreader would be different from the copy editor. If it has to be the same person, giving your editor a few days to “forget” the story before looking over it for a proofread will help a lot.

  • Layout,
  • General Grammar,
  • Punctuation,
  • Missing Words,
  • Typos,
  • Repeated Text,
  • Etc.

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Copy Editing

This is an important one! Copy editors look closely at grammar, punctuation, spelling, wrong use of words or phrases, inconsistencies, repetitions, issues with the voice of a character, missing information, etc.

An important part of writing is constantly going back to rework our sentences. Sometimes, we change our mind about something, and we forget we ever wrote about it differently on the previous page. This can be confusing to readers, and it can be very hard to notice when you're trying to keep all the changes you've made in mind.

  • Grammar,
  • Punctuation,
  • Spelling,
  • Wrong use of words or phrases,
  • Inconsistencies,
  • Repetitions,
  • Issues with the voice of a character,
  • Missing information,
  • Etc.

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Line Editing

This is a heavier version of the copy edit. While looking at everything the copy editor does, it will also trim sentences, look at word choices, and try to tighten the overall voice and intent of the text.

This takes place still early in the editing process, and many minor mistakes might be missed or overlooked. It's highly recommended to have someone else do a copy edit, or at least a proofread of your text after the line edit.

  • Trim sentences,
  • Word choices,
  • Overall voice and intent,
  • Etc.


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T.M. Cromer - Author

Professional, efficient, precise, and articulate - all words I would use to describe Monica of Trusted Accomplice. She has the ability to methodically analyze projects word by word and find even the most minute errors. Monica has been invaluable to me as an author. We’ve worked together on over twenty occasions, and I have plans to hire her for additional work. In my personal opinion, she is worth her weight in gold. I would highly recommend her for any job, large or small. She delivers. She's truly a Trusted Accomplice.
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Heather Slade - Author

I was at the end of my rope. I needed an editor I could trust to do a good job, but also who would treat my books—and me—kindly and respectfully. Another author referred Monica to me, and every question I asked, she answered with a resounding “yes.” It was amazingly refreshing!

She does her absolute best in editing, proofreading, and hand-holding. I don’t know which is most important to me. I suppose they all are at one time or another.

The most telling thing for me has been that my reviews have gone from “this book needs a good proofread” to “Heather’s books are well-written and well-edited.” So many of my reviewers say that it is nice and somewhat unexpected these days to find a professionally edited book by an indie author. Monica gets all the kudos for that. She’s professional, timely, and in my opinion, her prices are very reasonable for the level and quality of work she does.

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François De Grandpré - Writer

Trusted Accomplice delivers exactly what its name promises. Monica's work goes way beyond simple spell checking and grammar. She is always striving to do more for you. She is involved in your art or work while never overstepping her boundary. Monica is like a magical, wise owl on your shoulder, at all time. Always ready to help you out when you're down (or way late on your deadline). When you hire her, you don't just hire an editor; you find yourself a partner. She really is a trusted accomplice by your side.
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Kiarah Evans - CertaLingual

The idea of working with an editor seems like it would be frustrating. However, it was a pleasure working with Monica. She has a real eye for catching mistakes and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Monica dissects every sentence and makes sure that what you said is actually what you intended to say. When she has questions or doubts about a sentence, she approaches it as a professional. She will not make you feel small about the situation, and she always leaves the final decision to the author.

What is refreshing is that Monica has standards. She will not alter the intent of your passages. Her goal is to preserve your message and make it understood by others through the use of grammar rules. I recommend Monica to anyone who wants his or her book to be a professional piece of art.

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Kris Moger - Author

As a professional author and reviewer, one of the most difficult problems I have found most authors run into is catching all the issues hidden in a large manuscript. Little things, like missing commas or repetitive words, can greatly affect a reader's enjoyment of a book--not to mention the bigger problems like plot holes and inconsistencies. Therefore, having a good editor is essential to the completion of an author's hard work.

Monica Bogza has edited three of my published books, and I could not be happier with her work. With her diligence and attention to detail, she has helped me discover plot inconsistencies, character inconsistencies, and several issues with punctuation and grammar that other beta readers and editors missed. She is also friendly and easy to work with, a great person to have on anyone's publishing team. If you want to present the best possible version of your book to potential readers, reviewers, or agents, I highly recommend using her editing services.

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Paul Steffy - Author

In 1967, I served in Vietnam, assigned to the 9th Infantry Division as an Infantry soldier. My 3-year enlistment ended in January 1970. Since then, I’ve visited 31 countries, all 50 of our United States, and had several careers. In other words, I’ve been to many places and done a wide spectrum of activities thus far in my active life—and I anticipate my unique globe-trotting travels to continue.

I am now an author, and I continue to write stories 4-6 hours daily, 7 days each week (and yes, when I awake in the middle of the night with a story idea, I grab my notepad and pen and write my thoughts down). I’ve hired other editing services and thought, at the time, that they did what was needed to produce a more saleable story. Not until I made contact with Trusted Accomplice did I see how much better they are throughout a combination of writing criteria. Trusted Accomplice has the proper word usage skills at its fingertips and is perfectionist in selecting what words sound best as part of a sentence, a page, and throughout the overall story—Trusted Accomplice is one of those editing services that goes the extra mile to transform a “striving story” into one that is complete and more easily read. Now that I’ve experienced the efficiency, knowledge of the language, and the willingness of my editor to make the work I produce the best possible, I have no reason to ever seek editing skills elsewhere.

I applaud the Trusted Accomplice staff for all they offer to assist writers and authors. Among the vast field of editing services, it is unquestionably a service with the highest degree of skill, work ethic, and willingness to go the extra mile. And this applies whether or not time is running out on a client’s deadline. Thank you, Trusted Accomplice, for all the many important and worthwhile suggestions you’ve made for me and the needed changes I had, in my haste, overlooked. You have accomplished wonders for me!

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About Me


Although I have always loved reading, and I have always had a great eye for noticing typos and inconsistencies in a text, it wasn’t until I was asked to help find mistakes in a novel before it was published that my love story with editing began. For some reason, it had never occurred to me that editing could be a career path. It became clear that this was what I was meant to do when I found myself willing to put countless hours into a text and was happily going above and beyond to find the right answers because I loved it so much.

There is no greater joy than to see the people I work with succeed and their projects loved and appreciated by others.

I am 100% dedicated to the job and will tirelessly work for and with you for the love of a well-written text.